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Cody McGuire

MLP and services team member Cody McGuire


My name is Cody, I enjoy plumbing, playing guitar in a local band, and other outdoor activities. I love all animals and pets. I really enjoy working at major league plumbing and learning more and more everyday. Our teamwork and communication makes this a very enjoyable place to work and grow.


Chris Miller

MLP and services team member Chris Miller


I started out in water treatment 8 years ago then I had the urge to expand my knowledge into all kinds of plumbing so I took a job as a helper and slowly worked myself up to being a service plumber. What I love most about plumbing is the urge I get to know more about it. Something about myself is I love the outdoors and I love to hunt and fish. Major League Plumbing to me is like a flower pot where I can plant myself and grow.


Joe Ottman

MLP and services team member Joe Ottman


Hello, my name is Joseph Ottman. I was born and raised in Venice, Florida. I have been in the plumbing industry for over 5 years. I am married with 3 children and on my spare time I like to enjoy the outdoors, go to the beach or going fishing! I love working at major league plumbing because everyone here shares the same value of putting the customer first!


Zach Garmon

MLP and services team member Zach Garmon


I’m Zach, born and raised in Florida. Father of one, Dog father to many, loving boyfriend to a beautiful girlfriend, veteran to the Marine Corps Infantry. Major League truly makes me feel like part of a team, and this team wins.


Jessica Lord

MLP and services team member Jessica Lord

Customer Service Representative

My name is Jessica Lord, I am born and raised in Florida. I’ve always been an animal person. I’ve fostered over 20 dogs and hope to continue in the future. I love being outdoors and traveling. But my favorite place is probably at home with my pets! In 2017 I went from a beauty company to an ac/plumbing company where I met Ryan & Nicole. I loved the idea of being a part of helping people in stressful situations. When Nicole and Ryan asked me to be a part of their team to answer calls for MLP, I knew I couldn’t say no! Working with and for a company that truly cares about the integrity of their business makes it easy to enjoy going to work!


Nicole Gonzalez

MLP and services team member Nicole Gonzalez

Office Manager

My name is Nicole Gonzalez, I am the Office Manager for MLP. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and moved to Florida 6 years ago. It has been the best decision ever! I have been working since I was 16 and have 20 years experience in Customer service, and 15 years experience in Dispatch, and Managing. I started my dispatching and managing career at a trucking company in Chicago, when I moved to FL I wanted to change it up a bit and decided to see how the service trades were handled. I met Ryan at my first job in FL, a Plumbing/AC company where he managed and I dispatched. We have been friends/co-workers since and when Ryan opened MLP, I knew it was the place I had to be.


Danny Hatch

MLP and services team member Danny Hatch

Field Supervisor

I’m originally from Massachusetts but I’ve been in FL for over 20 years, I graduated from Port Charlotte High School. In my down time I’m a big golfer and I still love my skateboarding and doing things that can probably get me hurt. I’ve been plumbing 9 years now, the owner Ryan actually trained me when I was younger, so it’s a great experience to be able to work for him down the road, and still be learning something new everyday. Plumbing is great like that!


Shawn Wenrich

MLP and services team member Shawn Wenrich

Plumbing Manager

My name is Shawn Wenrich. I have been plumbing for 15 years. My passions are music, cooking BBQ, growing vegetables “Super Hot” peppers being my favorite, and fishing, even though I have not been in a while. I love plumbing to my core and absolutely enjoy the challenge. I have a 6 year old daughter Camille aka Squish and if i am being honest she is what matters most to me.


Ryan Birdsey

MLP and services team member Ryan Birdsey

Master Plumber (Owner)

We are a family owned premier 5 star service plumbing company. Owner and Master Plumber Ryan was born and raised in Englewood, FL. He learned the trade at a local plumbing shop in 1994 and has been a plumber ever since. We offer everything plumbing from A to Z.


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